Norwegain Forest Cats

Cattery Policy
Cattery Tapio purpose is to breed healthy and stable and social Norwegian Forest Cats.

Kitten Policy
Our kittens grow up our house with children, a dog and other cats. We give them care, a lot of love and attention. This is what makes them stable and social cats.

Our kittens leave home when they are least 13 weeks of age, with;

* European Passport
* The required vaccination
* Microchip
* Pedigree
* Kittencontract / Verkoopovereenkomst (in Dutch)

What does Free, Interest Shown, Booked and Sold mean?
Free means the kitten is for sale
Interest Shown means there is somebody who is interested in the kitten but hasn’t made up his mind.
Booked means somebody made a deposit on the kitten and the kitten is no longer on hold. (Deposits are non refundable)
Sold means the kitten has move to his or hers new home